Cornwall, England (1837)


This site is devoted to seeking out members of our far flung family and its history. By its very nature this site will always be somewhat out of date. Please contact us if you have comments, corrections or new information or if you are seeking information. We hope that by creating this website we will be able to make new connections with family members previously unknown to us.

Branches of our family live in England, America, New Zealand and Australia. Given the ancient blood ties between Cornwall and Bretagne in France, there may be distant relatives there too.


feature 1 Origins The name Palamountain seems to have originated in Cornwall, England from Polmounter...

feature 2 Name Variants Many variations on the name Palamountain appear in the records. This occurs mainly due to illiteracy...

feature 3 Cornwall Maps of Cornwall - past and present.

feature 2 Early Genealogy Family trees of earliest ancestors.


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